HAEMUS Journal Vol. 1 (2012)

Typology of the Roman glass vessels from the Croatian part of the province Pannonia


The aim of this paper is to present glass vessels that were used in Roman times in the territory of today’s northern Croatia. In Roman period this part of our country was part of the province Pannonia. The idea is to present the vessels that were widespread through the entire Empire, therefore in our part of the province as well. Also, the idea is not to present the rare, luxury vessels, since only few examples of such kind have been found in northern Croatia, but to present plain vessels of everyday use : tableware, storage and toilet vessels. At this point, it seems that glass vessels from the later period (3rd and 4th century) are more numerous than the ones from the earlier one (1st and 2nd century). The latter were mostly imported from Italy, while some vessels from the late Roman period indicate local production, but unfortunately, secure archaeological evidence for such an assumption is still lacking.

Roman glass vessels from Osijek and Sisak

Roman glass vessels from Osijek and Sisak

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