HAEMUS Journal Vol. 2 (2013)

Dejan Metodijeski, Slavčo Koviloski
Comparative Approach to International Tourism in the 19th Century: The Case of Macedonia


The purpose of this paper is to review the travel and tourism in Macedonia in the 19th century, and to compare the highlights of the historical development of the world tourism, by using a comparative approach. The first part of the paper presents the factors affecting the development of the international travel in Western Europe and around the world and also presents the greatest achievements that contributed to popularization of the travel, increase of the number of tourists and tourism establishment. The second part provides information on the situation of international tourism in Macedonia. The foreign travel books are used as a primary source of information. The paper describes the accommodation, hospitality, food and leisure facilities available for travelers, which existed in the 19th century, and with their description, we determine the level of tourism development in Macedonia at this time.

Key words: travel, tourism, Macedonia, 19th century, comparative approach

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